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  • Stratford Cricket Club Prize Giving 2020/2021 Season
    24 Apr 2021, 6:30 pm – 11:30 pm
    Stratford Cricket Club, Taranaki 4332, New Zealand
    Lite Supper Provided

About Us

Located at the foot of the eastern slope of Mount Egmont/Taranaki on the west coast of the North Island of New Zealand. Situated in the heart of Taranaki halfway between New Plymouth and Taranaki is the Stratford Cricket Club.

Established in 1921 the SCC is home to three senior teams.

A premier team that plays in the top Taranaki wide division, 2 lower grade teams who both play in the South Taranaki lower grade division and 4 Junior teams.

Known as the Stratty Dogs the Stratford Premier team is captained by former Taranaki player Paul Lightoller. It includes current New Zealand T20 player Tom Bruce and Taranaki batsman Liam Muggeridge amongst its ranks.

The team fights for playoff spot most seasons but has yet to win a Taranaki Premier title. Holding the 'distinction' of making 10 finals in 6 years and losing every single one.

The beating heart of the team is local legend Grant Commerford. Known to most as Getti, Getti holds records for most games (278) and most wickets (519) for the SCC Premiers.

The two lower grade teams known as The Old Dogs and The Dynasty. The Dynasty have won multiple Taranaki titles between them over the past few years. Made up of former premier players, some like former Taranaki captain and opening bowler Ian Patterson still white up for the premier team when needed.


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